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"Email doesn't work"

Brief personal introduction: I work at a school district part-time, and I basically tackle all manner of odd jobs throughout the district in an effort to keep the help desk down. I'm normally kept out at the high school where most problems occur.


I was informed that the cafeteria manager's email was not working. When I went over to investigate, she told me that they were being "cut off" part way through the message. This seemed very odd to me as I could think of nothing that would account for such anomalous behavior.

I opened Outlook, and everything looked alright. It started up quickly, connected just fine. I noted the blue AutoPreview text beneath the email titles (as the Preview Pane is the devil's workshop) and thought to myself No... it couldn't be...

I opened up an email. It looked just fine. I opened another one. It too looked just fine. I called the lady over and opened an email.

"How did you do that?!?"
"I... double-clicked...?"
"Show me how to do that." (and so I did)

In all the time she had worked at the school, she had never opened an email... she had only read the blue AutoPreview text.
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