Chris, Doer of Things (ctuck) wrote in work_stories_it,
Chris, Doer of Things

The bosses porn

When you have been working in offices, you're bound to find it someplace. This was about 6 years ago at another company I worked for. Pre-story, they hired me to manage a wharehouse and ended up taking me on after that project. They wanted dedicated highspeed internet, an Exchange server, a file server, and VPN. I provided all this for them.

Along with being seated at the front desk, I got called on to fix any computer problems in the 12 person office. This included installing new software and cleaning up old software. The owner of the company and my boss, had a PowerBook G3 that he kept in the office and took on the road with him. He would complain that his computer was slow and having lots of problems with crashes and bombs.

I never liked working on his computer when he was there. He had tons of porn on his computer and in his cache. When I would go to clean things up, he'd have tons of cookies, tons of cache files and of course movies and JPEGs all over. It wasn't too dirty of porn, but there was enough of it that I wasn't always sure what was porn or temp files. Checking and opening a hardcore porn file in the middle of the office was never a good thing.

I always had to be elusive about it too. When he would ask why he had hard time writing CDs or why things were slow, I had to explain that he had a large amount of files and that he would need to remove some amount of files to make more space on his hard drive. I couldn't say he had too much porn stuffing up his computer and forcing his computer to run with too little free space on the drive.
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