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I have a friend who is the art director of her place of business. It gets dumped on her to maintain and fix/create/update their website. She does not know a lot of HTML, she doesn't understand a lot about how Javascripts or anything. She often runs to me to help her solve problems. She is really good about learning things and getting my help. The following is an instant message conversation we had that pissed me off. One of her co-workers had tried to take over the website a few months back and now we're dealing with the results.

Friend: you busy?
CTuck22: on phone
CTuck22: why?
Friend: need help with damn webshop
CTuck22: ahhh
Friend: You don't have permission to access /miniwebshop/ on this server.
You may need to create an index.html page or enable the directory browsing by creating an .htaccess file containing "Options +Indexes".
Friend: i have an index.html page already though
CTuck22: hmmmm
Friend: theres something in the page that says frame SRC="menu2.html" NAME="menu" MARGINWIDTH="O" MARGINHEIGHT="0" SCROLLING="auto", frame SRC="main.html" NAME="main" MARGINWIDTH="O" MARGINHEIGHT="0" SCROLLING="AUTO" do i need to add a line that says something about the webshop?
Friend: er am i way off...?
CTuck22: a little off
CTuck22: 2 seconds
Friend: k
CTuck22: ok off phone, where were we
Friend: index.html?
CTuck22: yes
Friend: when you go to www.*******.com/miniwebshop it says i need to create an index file
CTuck22: I see that
Friend: but i already have one so do i need to change it?
Friend: what if i change the webshop script to look for html instead of htms or something?
CTuck22: for some reason it's not seeing the index
CTuck22: make a copy of the index.html and call it index.htm
CTuck22: and have both up there
Friend: okey just a sec
Friend: still nothing
Friend: aah wait it didnt rename right
CTuck22: freaking weird
Friend: it says its called index.htm but in the file type it still sayst html file
CTuck22: that should be ok
Friend: @#$%&!
CTuck22: what is the name of another file in that folder?
CTuck22: anything
Friend: its all right in the main folder
Friend: like any random file? bbc.gif
CTuck22: ok
CTuck22: not found either
CTuck22: what's the log in info again, not at my home computer
Friend: username probusta
Friend: password ********
Friend: ftp://66.***.***.***/html/
CTuck22: I don't see an index file in miniwebshop
Friend: theres one in the main folder - do i need one in the webshop folder too?
CTuck22: which main folder, HTML?
Friend: yep
CTuck22: that is the index for the main page
CTuck22: and you have 2 in there, index.htm.html and index.html
CTuck22: you'll need to leave that alone
Friend: index.htm.html is the one i just made
CTuck22: but miniwebshop doesn't have any of the files it needs in it's folder
Friend: im gonna delete that then since it doesnt work
CTuck22: how does this always get deleted like this, you had this problem once or twice before
Friend: damn it wont let me in now
CTuck22: I'll log out
Friend: i have no idea i never touch those files
CTuck22: someone is
Friend: that dude that was trying to redo the intranet might have done something stupid
CTuck22: maybe frontpage screws with it
Friend: yeah he pissed and moaned that he wants the new version of frontpage and thats was around when the webshop stopped working
CTuck22: that might be it, cuaqse all the files are gone, the index and the database and all the other .htm files
CTuck22: get your backup copy ready, I think you'll need it
Friend: eek
CTuck22: or the copy on your computer
Friend: i have a few copies of it on my computer just in case of this crap
Friend: i think the most current was 7/22/04 but thats when it died
CTuck22: I would use that then, and just load everything back up there
CTuck22: hopefully it will all drop back into place and be fixed
Friend: are you suuuuure? reloading the webshop is what always made everything disappear beforte
CTuck22: well, do it one peice at a time if you're unsure
CTuck22: reloading miniwebshop through frontpage seems to screw with it, so just make sure it loads it to the webpage and not remove it from your computer
Friend: ok here i go..... :-S
CTuck22: something working is better than nothing up there
Friend: there IS an index file in the webshop folder on my hard drive
CTuck22: yep, should be a bunch of files
Friend: should i just upload those files first instead of copying the whole folder?
CTuck22: sure, good way to go and then if everything else is in place it will go back to working, maybe he only deleted those files
Friend: GLORIOUS!!!
Friend: a bunch of the pictures are X's but its up!!!
CTuck22: you'll have to go hunt down some of the pics, they either got moved or deleted, but atleast it's something to work with
CTuck22: welcome
Friend: youre my hero!!!!!!
CTuck22: ok, it's a lot of the images fro mthe IMG folder, you should comapre the one you have on your hard drive to it and just upload what's not there
Friend: wo yeah theres nothing in the img folder on the ftp but theres like 33 files in my folder
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