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Oh boy, this is taking way to long to resolve. The company I work for bought a new operations program (built in modules for AR, Work Orders, General Ledger, PAyroll, etc etc..) and I was hired to get it up and running and help them migrate over to using it. I have been working with the support team for the new software on various issues. Everytime, I feel like I have to fight them. Now our company, we run a little different. Since 95% of the employees start work at like 10 PM and work 8 - 10 hours, they have set the start of the day at 12 noon. So we had to get them to adjust that in the software. They had a module to adjust for split shifts, but it only allowed entries from 0:00 to 8:00, not 12:00. Ended up manually feeding the value into the database.
Now we're testing how the system clocks and calculates overtime. Now, being in CA, we have to process overtime specifically. The rule is any hours over 8 in a day or more than 40 in a week. Example given from tyhe Labor Law Digest:
Time-and-one-half: If the employee is traveling while time-and-one-half is due (for example, the ninth hour of a day), he/she would recieve overtime pay per hour.
This is important cuase we pay our employees travel time pay to travel from the shop to the job site and then regular pay when they are doing their regular duties.
Now, we had to dig this up and prove to this software company that this is the LAW! They stated that they have tons of customers in CA and have never had to do deal with travel time like this. It's been a fight every step of the way. Friday I faxed them an Hours By Employee report that showed a mis-calculation of overtime hours. It showed an employee driving to work, 1 hour. Working for 10 hours, and driving back to the shop, 1 hour. It should break down to 8 hours regular time, and 4 hours of overtime (1 + 7 + 3 +1). It doesn't! It shows 9 hours regular time, and 3 hours of overtime. They wrote back today:
Ok, we’ve looked at the Hours by Employee report you sent and it appears to be showing and calculating the overtime for regular and travel time correctly. What would really help is if you could send us the outsource payroll file you sent to your payroll company and an Hours by Employee report for the same time period for Darrell to look at.

Let me know if you have any questions.
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