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The Continuing Overtime Saga

I got an email this morning, finally, in regards to the overtime issue I had posted about.


Ok, I’ve discussed the travel time overtime with D. He wanted to know if there was any possibility of one of those three jobs having something other than Use Standard Method in the split shift options. If they are all marked as standard, then we are going to have to test this here. I don’t know if using split shifts other than midnight has never been tested, specifically with travel time. I think you are the first client to have a split other than midnight, so it may take some “tweaking” of the program to make it work.

I will be out of the office until Monday, June 27, but R (my boss) is fully aware of your issue and if you need to talk to him, he can help you.

B, R,

I have checked those three jobs and about 120 other just to see what the average is. They are all set to Use Standard Method. I also find it hard to believe you would release a program without running some type of test scenario or QA on ever piece of functionality, no matter how obscure. B, I hope you have a safe trip. Look forward to hearing from Team on this soon.


I know this isn't new... OYE! I used to test ColdFusion scripts before they went live on an HR website. They were written by a team of 4 Russian programmers. No one just willy-nilly, oh I bet that will work just fine I don't need to test it, tosses things into production! Who are these people?
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