Chris, Doer of Things (ctuck) wrote in work_stories_it,
Chris, Doer of Things

Print (social) Queues

I went most of the weekend without sitting at my computer for too long. I had a hell of a lot of work around the house to do for our housewarming party. Stupid computers anyway! Something didn't work with the Tivo Desktop software, so I couldn't show off the pictures of the house before we did all the work.

Ok, back on topic. Why is it that people think if you're having a printing issue, that just sending the print 100 times to the printer will fix it? We all do it at sometime. Every network printer I have setup has eventually lead to someone trying to priunt when the printer went offline for whatever reason. They don't see the print job arrive and send the job a few more times. When they see nothing, then they come find me. When the printer goes back online, there are 50 print jobs waiting in hiding on their computer. Of course, they only told me they tried print something and it didn't print. With the printer back online, boom, printing frenzy.

It always comes back to me, why did it print 50 copies of my document? I don't know if my words ever stick, but I share with them the folly of their ways.
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