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What the hizzy?

Being in software development, I am acutely aware of how important it is to TEST your software thoroughly BEFORE you allow it to be exposed to the outside world. In fact, we're in the early stages of the testing phase of a very large, very expensive application. Which makes me even more sensitized to the concept.

Adobe (you may have heard of it) seems to have forgotten the importance of testing. We bought some Adobe server licenses earlier this year - March I think. They sent me an email confirmation - 12 times. About a week later, I got an apology for the duplicate emails. I thought nothing more of it.

Over the weekend (3 months after buying the licenses), I received 12 more copies of the same confirmation email. "WTF? I thought", and then just deleted them thinking "someone's ass is on the line".

This morning I found 26 duplicates of the original apology email sent in March. I guess now they are trying to tell me that they are really really really (ad nauseum) sorry for their mistake,

I expect someone is looking for a new job today. pfffffft.

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