Chris, Doer of Things (ctuck) wrote in work_stories_it,
Chris, Doer of Things

Backup? What backup?

I was reminded of a customer I had when I was doing consulting and service freelance, about 3 years ago. The customer was an older guy, nice, knew what he wanted to do. He owned a Mac for a long time and had a lot of finacial information stored on the computer. The computer, and hard drive had gotten old, but he resisted getting a new computer.

He called with a common error, "when the computer starts, I see a blinking Mac with a ? on the screen." I walked him through a few things over the phone and nothing got the (SCSI) hard drive to mount back up. He was starting to get frantic over the phone when he shares with me, he doesn't have any other copies of the tax information that is on the computer. I agree to come over and try and rescue the drive.

I run through a lot of utilities but nothing I have will even see the drive. I open and chack all the cables and connections. The drive is either toast or the partition table is destroyed beyond what I can fix. I inform him that I could do nothing more and that he should take his Mac into service center.

I call up the place that he wants to take the computer and discuss what is needed to be done. I tell them to do whatever they can to recover any data from the drive and burn it to CDs. Once that is done I wanted them to zero the drive and reformat it. When the customer got the computer back, it was working and had a fresh copy of OS 8.53 installed on a freshly formatted drive and one CD with the recovered data.

The customer called me up furious. The CD had the same exact contents as his hard drive. The Service Center had formatted the drive and installed the new OS and then burned a copy of the drive in that state.... everything was gone for sure now. I told the customer that he would have to take it up with the service center that he had chosen. Poor guy.
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