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This community is based on work stories, like other communities, but specifically for IT/MIS managers, computer service managers, and all other computer/network style job positions. Ever need a place to share the story of when you came across weird files on the company owner’s computer? Witness network activity of a co-worker that doesn't go along with company policy? Some co-worker calls you over to their computer when it's way to late to save their files? This is the place to share, rant, and relate to all those types of stories with fellow members of the same industry.

Join in the phone of customer service calls gone wrong, power supply failures that result in the use of a fire extinguisher, and the wonder of phrases like, "my cup holder thing broke on my computer, can you fix it?"

If you're looking for technical help or service, you can try here, but I would suggest Tek-Tips.com first.